Water Purification

Halo Water Systems improves your water quality through conditioning and removing impurities from your home water source. Conditioning is a physical, non-chemical treatment for hard water. The HALO ION Water Conditioner is inside the HALO 5 and it suspends the minerals in the water so that they cannot attach themselves to each other or the plumbing to create scale. Water in its natural state is very disorganized and the calcium and magnesium molecules are attracted to each other and clump together in the millions to form hard scale. Conditioning affects the molecular charge of the molecules making them line up and repel each other. The conditioned effect lasts for 3 weeks and removes existing scale, so the water exits the home in better condition than it entered. The system has a backwash during its regeneration, and the water flushed out (30 gallons, equal to 1 bathtub) is filtered, conditioned and free of chlorine so it can be collected in a rain barrel or directed to a lawn or flower bed. Plants love it because there are no other contaminants or chlorine in the water. Water has been tested after leaving a facility (and found over a mile down city pipes) to still be in a conditioned state. Can you imagine if this was a standard feature in all homes?

The media inside the HALO 5 (GAC, HAC, Filter AG Plus and High-Density Garnet) removes or reduces to near undetectable levels hundreds of contaminants. This includes the 100% removal of chlorine and chloramines, leaving you with highly filtered alkaline water accessible from every tap in the home and the hose bibs outside. Scale in your pipes is insulation and 1/2” of scale can increase utility cost of the appliance 70%! There are no filters to change, no maintenance, and the Halo 5 filters a million gallons of water.

$7.3 billion worth of chemicals are purchased, used and released into our air, dumped in our water sources, and buried in our landfills EVERY YEAR. HALO 5 is a chemical free solution. 37% of these chemicals are purchased for the treatment of scale and corrosion in cooling towers, boilers and other heat transfer systems…that represents over $2.7 billion dollar’s worth of toxic waste which contributes to trillions of gallons of contaminated water being disposed of annually someplace near where we live.

HALO offers free analysis of third-party water test results by real human customer service agents in the United States. HALO 5 is the most recommended filtration and conditioning system, by contractors in the United States.

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